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Luis Maly  | Olive Tree (2015) Manju Sharma  | House in the Woods (2017) Annabella Randel  | PLATTENPARADIES / 2017 Sam Hersbach  | Tijdelijk zonder titel Manju Sharma  | Creator 2, 2017 Manju Sharma  | I don't want to be here, 2017 Nienke Hoed  | Unititled, 2017 Manju Sharma  | Butterfly, 2017 Annabella Randel  | PLATTENPARADIES / 2017 Manju Sharma  | Reich (2017) Sam Hersbach  | Overgrijping, poging tot het behouden van een didactische steen, 2017 Nienke Hoed  | Untitled, 2017 Nienke Hoed  | Untitled, 2017 Mattia Papp  | Moving images, 2017 (edition 5) Nienke Hoed  | Untitled, 2017 Luis Maly  | Under the thyme (2017) Sam Hersbach  | Tijdelijk zonder titel Manju Sharma  | Creator 1, 2017 Manju Sharma  | Blue Moon, 2017 Annabella Randel  | PLATTENPARADIES / 2017 Manju Sharma  | Velvet Moon, 2017 Mariaan van den Berg  | Artificial Poetry (2017) Annabella Randel  | PLATTENPARADIES / 2017 Luis Maly  | 731 day (2015-2017) Sam Hersbach  | Database van het hedendaagse hiernamaals, 2017 Nienke Hoed  | Untitled, 2017 Astrid Bink  | Artificial movement, 2017 Manju Sharma  | Universe, 2017 Manju Sharma  | White Mist (2017) Manju Sharma  | Somewhere (2017) Nienke Hoed  | Untitled, 2017

ARTificial? Graduates 2017


Over de expositie

Selected graduates from the HKU, KABK and the Rietveld Academy show their work at SANAA! What is artificial, what is real? In video, paintings and installations the artists play with artificial.

Sam Hersbach, Mattia Papp, Manju Sharma, Nienke Hoed
Sam Hersbach (HKU) makes paintings that are cut-outs of a bigger world - into the unknown. Hersbach is nominated for the Royal Award of Modern painting 2017. Mattia Papp (KABK) plays with his Italian legacy, Saints,Madonnas and crosses. In his paintings we find martyrs, in his moving images he mingles the beauty of tradition with images of today. Papp is nominated for the Piket price. Manju Sharma (HKU) captures bittersweet feelings from everyday moments and interprets light to the point of immateriality. For Nienke Hoed (HKU) is the communication via images in the online universe a source of inspiration, the real and the online world fuse.

Annabella Randel, Luis Maly, Astrid Bink, Mariaan van de Berg
Annabella Randel (Rietveld) shows moving elements video's. She creates surreal sceneries in an subtle and quiet way. She changes the dull-daily-life surrounding and develops a playful view. Luis Maly (KABK) presents part of his installation Thanatophobia, including under the thyme and rusted metal.   Astrid Bink (HKU) shows a video with moving flowers - elusive dynamics create a space of doubt. Mariaan van de Berg (HKU) displays artificial poetry, a soundscape.