Galerie SANAA
Jansdam 2
3512 HB Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 2367242
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Malou de Ruiter | Serie: Scheur in de Ruimte, 2016 Melle Aussems | Vapor, 2015 Ruby-Jane Fu | Prussian Blue, 2016 Joan Ederveen | Indicatie van tijd & ruimte, 2016 Simon van Iersel | Three rooms and some thoughts, 2016 Thomas Westphal | Downwards Chicken, 2016 Suzie van Staaveren | TC3.1, 2016 Melle Aussems | Southern Comfort, 2016 Ieva Radvila | Totemas I, 2016 Melle Aussems | Knitevision, 2016



Over de expositie

JAGGED /ˈdʒaɡɪd/; meaning irregular, rough, uneven. Through this raw, deconstructive usage of materials we have selected graduates from all over the Netherlands of different Art academies to show their work in SANAA.

Although the works of the artists are very different, all the artists use materials in an unusual way. Playing around with categories as sculpture, drawing & painting, the outcome of the work is remarkable.

“Taking a fluid approach and working on several things at the same time gives me a clear playing field and more interaction with the material” - Suzie van Staaveren.

Ieva Radvila states that every object has a spirit and thinks that wood is capable of observing the radiant energy. She shows wooden totems (connected to Yoruba culture).

“Everything fragments due to the cyclical nature of time. Decay is the visual evidence of this fragmentation” - Debbie Young.